Let’s recall what this book is about and what we have aimed to do. We have been mainly concerned with the relationship between the mind and the body. Specifically, how the mind can shape the performance of the body in light of the demands of your health in general and your wellness program in particular.  It is meant for both men and women, young and old, and anywhere from those beginning to those who are advanced on their path to health and wellness. It is specifically designed to show anyone facing the challenges of health and wellness by showing them outlooks, principles, techniques, and strategies for embarking on, traveling, and reaching your end goal in one of two ways. It helps you formulate the right approach to a health and wellness plan, and it prepares you to take the next step in your commitment to improving not only your mental and physical health, but the way you manage your life. Your lifestyle.  And while this book contains many of the ingredients to succeeding in your health and wellness plans, it is a stepping stone among other stepping stones. One large, important step in going forward. And the way to succeed is to march forward.  A final word in this section about the quote at the outset of this chapter. The key, ultimately, to formulating and achieving a goal is to be fully engaged in the work you do. Being fully engaged serves two complementary purposes. Not only does the goal itself inspire you to be fully engaged, but also your engagement with the challenges of your goal cause you to be fully engaged as well.